Medik8 Tube Squeezer

Help prevent product wastage


Help prevent product wastage


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Perfect to tease out every last drop of your favourite creams and serums. No need to wrestle with or cut open tubes to get to the very last applications of your favourite products. Place this tube squeezer over the end of your tube and slide down to encourage every last drop to the bottom and make dispensing easy.



This tube squeezer helps to prevent product wastage and can be used with all Medik8 tubes to encourage the last few drops of formula out.



Make the most of every drop with a Medik8 tube squeezer to help dispense your very last cream and serum applications.



Made of zinc alloy

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Key Benefits

  • Reusable

    Use this tube squeezer time and time again to easily dispense the last drops of your favourite creams and serums.

  • Anti-rust

    Made of zinc alloy and so can be used in a bathroom environment without degrading.

How It Works

  1. On average, up to 10% of cosmetic products are being discarded in their original packaging – what a waste!
  2. Designed in zinc alloy with a smart laser engraved Medik8 logo, this handy tube squeezer allows you to more easily dispense the last drops of formula from your products.

How To Use

  1. When your tube products are coming to an end, slip the tube squeezer over the top of your tube and slide it down towards the pump.
  2. It will be a snug fit and so help to squeeze the last few applications of product down the tube so they are closer to the pump to ease dispensing. Remove the tube squeezer when done.


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