Skin Survival and Frances Williams:

One of the Most Successful Businesswomen in the UK


We thought we would revisit a feature that was wrote about us for The Metro newspaper a few months ago. From deciding to start the business with a friend before dropping out, to evolving the business from a team of four to the major operation specialising in laser hair removal, check out below what the article had to say about Skin Survival in further detail.


As far as fiercely successful and hardworking businesswomen go, you don’t get a more dedicated individual than Frances Williams – owner of Skin Survival, one of the most renowned and successful laser clinics in the UK. Sure, there are your standard beauty salons and jobbing nail technicians, but there’s something special about Skin Survival, be it their welcoming atmosphere or team of highly trained experts, that makes its elite status undeniable.


How Did Skin Survival Start


Take how Frances started her business over 15 years ago now, for instance.


After a friend asked her if she’d be interested in opening a beauty salon together, Frances couldn’t wait to get started, only then for her friend to abandon the idea at the last minute. At this point however, it was too late; her mind was made up, she just had to pursue the idea. And so, from training to be a beautician, to graduating as a Level 3 Nail Technician, to obtaining her coveted teaching qualifications, Frances quickly grew and evolved the business from a team of four to the major operation specialising in laser treatment we see today.


Frances and Skin Survival, which is now one of the most popular laser clinics in the UK – focussing on everything from laser hair removal to skin rejuvenation – has set an impressive benchmark for salons across the country. More importantly, though, Frances has provided a rare glimpse into the passion, dedication, and intensity of the laser industry, and what it takes to build a successful business from scratch.


If there is anything to glean from Fran’s meteoritic rise over the last decade, it’s this: skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal is on the increase. It is this sense of popularity that serves as the inspiration behind the clinic’s evolution from team of four to specialist workforce.


Trust the Skin Treatment Specialists


Established over 15 years ago, our expert team of skin treatment experts are specialists in their field and have constantly kept abreast of the advancements within the beauty and skin treatment industry over the last 15 years, helping to evolve the business into what you see today.


With decades’ worth of combined experience in the sector, we know how to treat any type of skin or skin problem, helping people restore their confidence and enjoy the skin they deserve.


Do you yearn for silky smooth skin? Are you tired of unwanted body hair? Skin Survival is a leading skin specialist clinic providing a comprehensive range of laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation treatments.


So, what are you waiting for? Book a consultation on 0151 220 4600 today.