Is laser hair removal truly worth it?


In its infancy, over 500,000 laser hair treatments were performed by qualified clinicians in 2011 alone. Now, however, laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world, with millions of men and women opting for the procedure every year. 


Is laser hair removal worth it? Spoiler alert: yes, absolutely! 


While we don’t know a single person who likes shaving their legs, we also don’t know a single person who has returned to shaving or waxing after partaking in laser hair removal. But why? Here’s why laser hair removal is, with doubt, 100% worth it. 


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


In short, the laser seeks out pigment in your skin, which is predominantly found in the base of your hair follicle. Once the laser locates the hair follicle root, which houses your hair stem cells, the laser then converts from light energy to heat and basically destroys it. The hair root dies, and then the hair falls out.


In addition, because the laser works by seeking out pigment, it’s best to undergo the treatment in the bleaker months due to you wanting to limit the amount of melanin in your skin from exposure to the sun. Basically, if you want smooth, hairless skin for your holidays, then make sure to schedule your laser hair removal treatment in advance, preferably in the later winter, early spring months. 


Despite it depending on a variety of factors including skin tone, hair type, the laser and even the time of year, you’ll definitely need multiple laser hair removal sessions.


How to Get Ready for Laser Hair Removal 


You’re going to need your follicle roots intact for the laser to work. This means you should avoid waxing, tweezing, threading, or anything else that destroys hair at the root before your appointment. You can shave the subject area, however, just make sure to shave no earlier than two days prior to your appointment. 


Also, consider lessening your exposure to the sun, especially if you’re having treatment on sun-exposed areas such as your face, neck, chest, arms, back or legs. 


Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? 


Depending on how high your pain threshold is, the pain caused by laser hair removal varies. Some patients are able to withstand the slight zinging feeling without numbing or topical anesthesia, while some prefer to spend some time using creams and cooling methods before and during their treatment. 


Indeed, certain pain-reducing methods like suctions and contact cooling, are often built into the lasers and make the procedure significantly more comfortable regardless of laser hair removal being somewhat uncomfortable rather than painful. 


Furthermore, always make sure you’re going to a professional, certified and reputable practitioner – like us here at Skin Survival. This isn’t a procedure you want to cut corners on. 


Trust the Laser Hair Removal Experts 


Established over 15 years ago, our expert team of laser hair removal practitioners are specialists in their field of expertise and have constantly kept abreast of the latest advancements within the laser hair removal industry. 


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